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  Prologue: The impure Hikari
All Wächter have the duty to fight for good over evil, and to risk their lives by doing so.
Each Wächter represents an element:
Kaze, Kikou, Shisen, Hii, Gensou, Toki, Mizu, Tsuchi, and Hogo.
However, there is only one that rises above all others; one that is the purest and the most credulous Wächter;
the Lichtwächter.
The Lichtwächter have lead the Wächter since the beginning of time.
Hikari Akarui Tenshi Shinsetsu White is and was the finest Lichtwächter there has ever been.
She has never once thought of her own selfish desires nor dreams, only of her race's welfare. She is noted for her trusting nature, but she is also known for her kind-hearted presence and her smile, which can force thousands of demons to their knees almost instantly.

Her death was exactly the way innumerable light guardians experienced it.
She died in a fight, weakened by an illness. Her daughter was born briefly before, thus becoming the "heiress of the light". This girl is very unusual just like her mother...with the difference that she was born with an unpopular, even hated, "special manner".
She does not fit in the scheme of the Lichtwächter.
She is known as an "impure".
A "stained soul".

White entered the room of her father. It was exceptionally dark and only a flickering candle illuminated the area. It threw its light on the ornamentations of the white pillars creating unwelcoming shadows. The sight itself was really peculiar because her father detested the darkness, along with all its creatures.
He sat at his desk, which carried all kinds of documents and scrolls that were scattered across it. His posture was strained with his one hand hidden underneath his white bangs. One could easily notice his despair that evidently was written all over his face. White knew exactly why her father was acting this way. After all, it was her fault to begin with. Nevertheless, she did not have a guilty conscience. She had done the right thing at that time. She had known this even the very moment she decided to do it.
White was still convinced that she had done nothing wrong.

"How could you do this to us - to me?!, he bellowed with a hoarse voice that she had long forgotten. Gently, she closed the door to keep their discussion private.
She did not move any further away from the door, for his enraging temper was far too well-known to her.
"I have saved a life. What is wrong with my deed?"
Her father stared at her coldly over his shoulder.
"'What was wrong with it'?!, he hissed angrily completely faced towards her this time." You have disregarded a direct order from me! White! You have broken one of our sacred rules! You have betrayed our family! You do not understand what kind of consequences this girl's survival means to our family! She will cause disgrace to the holy name our family inherits! Even worse, she might even corrupt our family!

White did not answer and a furious glare was directed towards her. She had already seen this coming.
"I did it fully knowing what consequences there might have been. Nevertheless, I do not regret to have saved my daughter's life." The man clenched his fist and hit the desk forcefully; the wine glasses on the desk rattled. White did not wince. She was just as clam as she always was.
"Your blood and mine flows through her veins. She is a Hikari, just like we are."

He breathed in deeply to control his temper. He could not understand his so often praised daughter. He could not understand how she could still stand over there quietly and even dare to object to his speech. The destruction of the Hikari is not a small matter to dismiss!
He reached for a scroll, which laid on the overloaded desk, and tossed it to White while he was massaging his forehead. White overlooked the scroll briefly, again without saying a word.
"Take a look at this!"
Her eyes immediately became fixed on one photo. A picture of her beloved daughter.

It was the first time in 16 years that White had seen her long lost child.
A smile began to spread on the Lichtwächter's face. She hid it well in front of her father, though. Her beloved daughter really did not seem to be similar to any Hikari. Neither did she have the white hair nor the white eyes. Even so, she looked just like her mother, whose only 'colour' was white. Her daughter's hair was unmistakably just like hers. The same bangs. The same soft and delicate looking hair. The only difference was that her daughter's hair was a hazel colour.
The same face, the same fragile figure. But what struck White the most, were her eyes. They were the same colour as that of her father's. A deep blue just like the radiant ocean.
Her daughter's pure delight and joy for life was written all over her face. How enviable...

But, regrettably, she did not have that special shine, the radiance a "normal" Hikari possessed. She had a different glow. Normal Hikaris radiated qualities like kindness and charity. Her daughter did not. In fact, it was quite the opposite - hers overflowed with violations of rules. One could easily assume that her daughter had a bit of a criminal inclination.
"598", her father abruptly said, interrupting his daughter's train of thought.
She looked up.
"598 what?"
"Sacred rules. She has broken 598 of them! AND THIS WAS ONLY WITHIN THE LAST 16 YEARS!
So many have not been broken in ten generations! It probably would not even become such an enormous number if we were to add all the infringements of rules our family has ever committed! Are you still convinced that you have done the right thing?!"
She kept silent, which irritated her father even more. The number of broken rules did not seem to impress her. Without a doubt these violations were inexcusable. White, however, was convinced that her daughter had a good heart.
Her daughter does not deserve death. Not then and not now.
No matter how "impure" she is.

"Father. If you kill her now, our ancestors would have lost their lives in the war for nothing." Her father winced, but did not answer. White continued.
"The spell I cast upon our enemies 16 years ago is undone. You know just as well as I what this means. The Wächter cannot fight against them alone. They need the light which will show them the right way. They need my daughter. You cannot find a substitute for her.
The Wächter need her NOW! "
She walked into her father's direction, penetrating him with her eyes.
"Father, do you want to take the blame for a lost war? A war we've fought for such a long time? A war that we've lost innumerable amounts of Wächter to? Do you wish for the demons to wipe us out? I only did what had to be done - for the good of the entire family! If I had not given my daughter the life she deserved, we would be in an extremely dangerous situation. This would not only be our own destruction, but also the downfall of mankind. Do you still claim that you want her dead and wish to take the blame afterwards?"
Both were silent. Though, White knew she had convinced her stubborn father.
The life of her daughter was protected... for the time being.

She turned around and approached the door, but her father held her back.
"Do you remember that day 16 years ago? The day your daughter's name was decided?"
Of course she did. She would never forget that day.
It had not only sealed the destiny of her daughter, but also her own.
"Of course."
"So you do know of the prophecy?" She did not want to recall that event, but of course it was impossible to forget. It was the one thing that made her feel uneasy. But it could not be true. It was impossible.
Not even an impure Hikari would do such a thing.

He continued self-assuredly since White did not answer.
"How did he say it once again? Wasn't it:

"The impure light will commit an unforgivable sin...its heart will fall for a flawed kin."

... or have I remembered this wrong?"

White looked at him expressionlessly and answered,
"… Not all of our prophecies become true."

"Pray that it is wrong indeed, my daughter. Because if it becomes true...if my granddaughter should commit this sin...believe me, I will assign a righteous punishment!
There's always a replacement, even for a Hikari!"