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Episode 08
  Episode 08: Demonical Brothers
„Green! Aim at his legs and make him fall that way!“ As if she wouldn't have thought of this herself, fighting a demon which had small enough legs that it was purely impossible to be able to hold up the enormous upper part of the body - because the meat, which was definitely missing on the skinny legs, could be found on this upper part of the body. So it hardly was a feat to find out that it would be best to aim at the legs.

Still, even though she already had thought into the same direction, she was glad about the remark of her new fighting companion: Gary eventually had agreed to assist her during her nightly quests - and that without Green having to take out 'heavy ordnance'. It was a relieving feeling to have someone at your side whom you could rely on. Pink had been around most of the times, but she didn't really arouse a feeling of reliability. That was the reason why the girl was at home, especially as Gary had remarked that it wasn't quite clever to take her to the fights when Demons were striving for her.

And so this was their second night of fighting together. Green had noticed quickly that Gary wasn't the combatant kind of guy, but more like a strategist; his motions were sophisticated and his advices very helpful. He had a great general knowledge about Demons and their weaknesses and how Green could use those for a quick victory – well, at least as far as she could estimate until now. Green did as she was told and aimed with her Darklightning at the legs of the monster after she had avoided another attack. Her plan seemed successful as she destroyed the balance of the demon after destroying two of the four legs with her attack and he fell towards the ground, not without shaking the ground under their feet.

„Gotcha!“ Green yelled euphorically towards Gary who had landed a few meters away avoiding the last attack of the Demon. Her companion didn't seem as enthusiastic and in no way mimed her victorious pose. With a serious look on his face he said:
„What are you waiting for? Put an end to it before he gets up again!“
„Alright, Sir!“, Green answered without paying attention to the serious tone of voice and instead looking with a side view at the scale of her staff: for a Light Spirit the energy would be barely enough and the demon would get to taste i-

In the light of the unexpected twist in front of her eyes, not only Green’s thoughts stopped abruptly, but also her breath: seemingly under a lot of pain and accompanied by an extremely disgusting sound of curling bowels and breaking bones the Demon grew two misshaped wings out of his back in only a short amount of time. A professional in the area of eliminating Demons would surely have been able to get rid of the demon before it had spread its wings, but Green just stood shocked by the sudden event and was far from reacting like a professional.

„Green!“ Gary’s voice managed to get Greens thinking process going again – and this told her to better get her body moving too – but it didn't react. Not until the Demon was getting ready to rip the head of the girl, who had dared to rob him of his balance, with a bloodcurdling yell, the young Wächterin woke up: last-minute she was able to avoid the attack skilfully and stumbled almost over Gary in the process, who seemed to have come to help.

„I ended up within a horror film“, Green exclaimed with her eyes directed on the flying demon, which seemingly had to re-orientate itself after its victim had escaped out of the firing line.
„You should have gotten used to it by now“, Gary answered criticizing and added:
„Nevertheless it is weakened because of the metamorphosis! One hit should be enough to kill it, if you hit it.“
„I don't like the ‘if’ in your sentence“, Green replied briefly before they were again forced to avoid the attacks, this time jumping into different directions. Apparently the Demon had it in only for the Wächterin, but this time Green was prepared. Already while answering Gary she had loaded the bars of her staff and a slight glow surrounded it.

But it turned out different than all three of them might have thought:
A black lightening fired down from the sky, speared the demon in the middle and two halves crushed shattering onto the ground, where they dissolved in a thick mist.
„What the-“, Green wondered, but her face distorted quickly, because what she saw in front of her didn't please her much. And Gary apparently wasn't that thrilled either as Green noticed when he landed next to her.

„Hi“, an unnaturally good looking demon with red hair blowing in the wind said. His grin was even able to be seen from a distance.
„Thought I'd could help you a bit.“
„Thanks, we can do without!“, Green answered quickly not to be seduced to change her mind about it. Without any further consideration of the newcomer she turned away from him and wanted to leave head raised high, when she became aware that the demon didn't stand behind her anymore, but in front of her.

„Oww, Green-chan, don’t be like that...“, he started with a supposedly friendly and also slightly pleading voice, just short of grabbing her hands to emphasize the pleading in his voice even more. While Gary rolled his eyes and folded his arms, Green snatched away her hands out of Silver’s grip and replied venomously:
„'Green-chan' is not around, Silver!“ Intentionally she accentuated every single letter in his name and almost enjoyed how hurt he looked, knowing that he just pretended as he could pretend almost everything. But not with her! Not another time! She wouldn't fall twice for the same gimmick; how could he even believe she would do that again?
Did he think that she was that stupid and naive?

Just as Silver opened his mouth to retort, Green looked over her shoulder at Gary and ordered: „Gary, we are going!“
Without further notice of Silver she walked over to Gary with a look on her face that didn't tolerate any objection. And even Gary, who usually didn't listen to any order, decided this time that it might be advisable to walk the talk. Moreover he found a little gloating joy in Silver’s misfortune, who now looked pleadingly at him - apparently hoping Gary could make Green change her mind. But Gary only shrugged his shoulders.

„But Green-cha-“, Silver tried again, but was interrupted by Green this time, who held her staff threatening over her shoulder in his direction, followed by the words:
„I already did it once, don't force me to repeat it!“

This reply seemed to have worked as Silver didn’t pursue them any further when Gary and Gary made their way home. Contrary to most of the other nights it wasn't as late; hence their usual way though the city’s park was still full of people. That didn't stop Green from addressing the unavoidable topic after keeping silent for a long time.
„So he's back again.“ Gary glanced sidewards, looking back straight on right away as he couldn't find any exceptional feelings on her face: she hid those accurately.
„Bad weeds grow tall - you didn't really expect he'd stay away?“
„No, not really.“
„Hoped for it?“ After this sudden question Green kept silent, before indicating a small shrug with her shoulders. Gary didn't react as he thought it to be inappropriate. Her next words did surprise him a little bit thusly.
„How comes you two know each other?“
Gary wasn't only puzzled about the question itself, but also that it was asked in the first place.
„Isn't that obvious, Green?“
She looked at him again, astonished as it seemed. When she indicated a negation by shaking her head a little, he answered with a sigh:
„Silver is my little brother.“

Green stopped in her tracks and starred at him confused:
Again she eyed him imposingly from head to toe and suddenly light dawned upon him as to why she did it.
„You... don't really look much alike.“ Green said and her eyes stopped especially at his hair. The boy couldn’t avoid rolling his eyes again and an angry sight escaped his throat.
„Let's just say the genes were divided in a very distinct manner.“

With those word he again started on their way, while Green lingered a moment on the same spot before she decided to follow.
„But that means he’s also a Halfdemon?“
„Yes, he is.“
„But then you know each other pretty well?“
„Yes, you could say that.“
She kept silent, seemingly considering her new question in this new situation:
„Why didn't you take his side just now and also a week ago then?“
„How we already accomplished, I know him; him and his skills. I knew he would survive an attack on your part and Silver is... how should I put it? There exists no adjective which would properly describe him. Let's say it this way: sometimes he definitely deserves a punishment for his little games“, Gary answered seriously while looking at Green, who nodded slowly.
„Then you'd have know right away that he was only playing with me, if you would have been around.“
„I don't dare judging that. In general his love life is...alternating. Silver is a person who doesn't take a lot serious - and that doesn't belong to the few things he takes serious. He is a nursery child who just wants to amuse himself, favourably at the expense of others.“
„You don't talk very good of him.“
„All I am saying is that you should take care. A good-meant warning as I have never seen that he runs after a girl.“ And with those words followed by a ‘Good Night’ he left Green alone in the hallway.

Gary’s favourite time of the day most definitely was the morning. He liked this time of the day because of quite a few reasons. Really likeable was that the hallways of the school weren't smashed at this time. There was a comfortable silence in these walls, which usually were filled with hustle and bustle of echoed footsteps, talking and laughing. Now he could only hear his own steps and only from far away those of the few others around; the scratching of pencils and the typing on computer keyboards - sounds he could hear thanks to his demonical hearing-senses when he walked by the teacher’s room. Before walking in to the classroom this morning he picked up a book out of the modest library of their school. Afterwards he walked towards the classroom not without greeting one of the teachers passing by. While putting his hand on the sliding door of the classroom, he had his nose already in the book and felt a certain pleasant anticipation rising, inside of him noticing that he had found another well-written book.
But his good feelings of happiness vanished when he opened the door and his loved morning was ruined.
„We have to talk, Aniki.“

About half an hour later the classroom started to fill with arriving students. The female part of their class was downright thrilled to see that Silver was back, grouped around him and badgered him with question where he had been for so long and what he had done. As the whole attention was on the redhead, nobody noticed a certain hostility which vibrated through the classroom whenever the demonical brothers glanced at each other. Only when Green arrived the situation changed.
She was boiling with anger even before she had seen Silver with her own eyes, since Sho had walked right up to her to tell her those 'good news'; Green hadn't told her that she wasn't exactly upbeat about Silver. After he had disappeared and Sho had asked about him, Green’s excuse had been a sick family member that he had visited. That this excuse didn't match Silver’s wasn’t of much interest to her. After all she hadn't imagined Silver would ever get back to his identity as 'Siberu Nakayama'.

„Oh, hi, Green-chan!“, the redhead greeted her pleased, but her answer was anything but rejoiced. She replied with a glance at least as hostile as the one she was getting from the other girls, when they heard how friendly Silver greeted her.
When the young Wächterin had just decided to ditch him and his flock of fangirls, he appeared suddenly in front of her with a big grin on his face, took her hand and with the words: „Come on, I’ll show you something!“ pulled her out of the classroom. His grip was so tight that Green wasn't able to free herself despite all her protests.
„Oi, where are you going?“, Sho cried after them as Silver pulled her friend out of the classroom, even though Greens protests were quite definite. That surprised Sho quite a bit: Wasn't Green happy to see her so loved Sibi again?
They had barely turned around a corner, when Gary stood at the door and ran unerringly directly after them, whereas Sho still stood in the door, looking after the three of them, an irritated look on her face reflecting her confused thoughts.

Siberu and Green had barely turned around the corner when they vanished – to reappear shortly afterwards in the privacy of her own home: something Green just couldn't understand. Had Silver teleported them? Was this even possible for a demon?
Those thoughts didn't distract her for long as she had another problem: a quite good looking problem with red hair. This problem had literally pinned her on the wall, his hands next to her head so that Green stood between them her; arms folded in front of her breast and with a very stubborn look on her face, that didn't really suit the situation, Silver thought – but he liked it. He looked into her dark eyes only to see that there weren't any signs of weakness. Her big eyes were beautiful, a really beautiful dark blue – so deep, so undiscovered. Why hadn't he noticed before?

„What do you want? Wasn't my Light Spirit clear enough for you?“
His glaring look changed, became incomprehensible, as if something would depress him.
„Did you plan to kill me with the attack?“ The same question again she had heard once already, which had tortured her for the whole last night, no, the last days, because she hadn't found an answer. Had she really attacked with the intent to kill him? Had she been relieved, when she had seen him again? Had she intentionally regulated the energy of the attack?
„I take that as a 'no'“, Silver decided suddenly even though Green hadn't said anything yet. Surprised and a little sceptical she eyed him, wondering how he could have come to a conclusion this fast, when it had taken her so long and she even wasn't sure now.

„Why do you think that?“, she asked and tried not to get distracted by his almost lovely smile.
„You hesitated too long, Green-chan.“
This time Green didn't respond to the address, but countered grimly:
„That doesn't change anything. I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore, Silver. You should have noticed by now. So, what do you still want from me?“
„A second chance.“ The answer was quick as a shot, as if he had only waited for this question.
„A second chance?“, Green repeated sceptical and added:
The redhead took a deep breath, closed his eyes before he said what was on his mind:
„I love you.“
He allowed those words to linger within the walls, while Green’s face changed slowly. Apparently she didn't know what to feel, or at least she didn't know what kind of feelings she wanted to show him. Surprise was visible in her eyes, her mouth opened astonished to say something, but closed seemingly speechless again.
„And I need a second chance to prove that to you.“

Eventually Green awoke from her rigidity and replied:
„Just how stupid do you think I am? Do you really believe I fall for the same trick twice?“
Surprisingly enough this answer seemed to suit Silver quite well as he smiled happily, just before he decided for a different pose. Before Green could react she hung in the air in a tango-like pose; Silver had bent over her, one arm on her back. But the astonishment didn't last long as Green was aware that this position exposed her décolleté. Before she could comment on it, he had already started his little speech.
„I can't resent that you don't believe me, Green-chan. But trust me, I am serious about it and I need a second chance to prove it.“
„Oh?“, Green started without responding to the strange position; she didn’t want to grant Silver this satisfaction. She didn't try to escape, probably because she knew that it wouldn't work anyway as he was too strong.
„How come you’ve changed your mind? Didn't you say I am no girl to fit you, because I am too weak?“
„Yes, I thought that, but I have to...“ Silver’s words were interrupted by the sudden sound of an opening door, which was quickly drowned by another sound. Green bowed her head backwards and looked at Pink upside-down, who stood in the door.

„Green-chan!“, the little girl cried and added screechy:
„I feel a demon who needs to be destroyed!“
Silver as well as Green clearly didn't understand why Pink was around and what she was saying, but the Wächterin was fast enough to use the situation for herself and made a discreet sign with her forefinger towards Silver and added with a played panicked voice:
„Save me!“
Green knew Pink, Silver didn't - therefore he was quite surprised, when Pink obeyed Green’s call without asking. With a mind-blowing speed Pink ran towards Silver, who let go of Green, and managed for inexplicable reasons to throw him onto the ground. But that was not all: she even managed to secure him by sitting on his chest, her knees ahead.
For the time being Silver didn't even defend himself; maybe he was just too shocked he downright got laid by such a small girl. While Green straightened up and flattened her skirt, Pink cried out: „Now, Green-chan! I hold him down and you defeat him!“

„What the hell is going on here?“ Gary’s matter-of-fact voice appeared into that Chaos and when Green turned around she could see him standing in the doorway with a questionable look on his face when he noticed his brother beneath Pink.
„Where have you been this long?“ Green asked indignant, because she had been waiting for his arrival for quite a while. Before Gary was able to answer Silver interrupted:
„Oh, Aniki, how nice to see you again!“ And all at once Pink wasn't a problem anymore; quickly she was pushed away and Silver already stood between Gary and Green.

„Did I my eyes betray me or did Pink just...“, Gary started with a considerably amused face turning his attention towards his brother, but again Silver interrupted before he was able to finish the sentence:
„I think you should tell Green that she should give me a second chance.“
„Give me just one reason why I should do that.“
„And as if I would listen to Gary!“, Green added and just when Silver put on the pleading face again, Pink interrupted, apparently not willing to give up that quickly against the so called enemy: she started another frontal attack, which he avoided elegantly this time as he was prepared. Just when the girl wanted to try again, Green intervened by holding her bustling Mitwächterin on said one’s shoulders.

„Don't worry, Pink, Silver...“ She wanted to say that he wasn't their enemy, but decided to alternate the sentence:
„We'll worry about him later.“
„But, Green-chan!“, Pink protested, but Green didn't regard her. Instead she simply held her tight, allocating her attention to the brothers.
„Gary, your brother just confessed his love.“
With a raised eyebrow Gary looked at his brother and said:
„You confessed your love?“
„Yes, of course I have! That's how you do it in this world, if you want to go out with a girl, you know?“
„I didn't believe that I would hear that from you ever“, Gary answered and rolled his eyes visibly.
„Is that to say that I should take that as face value?“ Green asked Gary, but before he could answer, Silver did: „Yes, of course you should! I never lie!“

An ironic smile of Gary allowed Green to assume that this certainly wasn't true. But Silver ignored it skilfully and added as if nothing had happened:
„But we don't have to rush anything, we have plenty of time now after all.“
„What do you mean, with plenty of time now?“ The Wächterin hesitated and looked at Gary as if all of this suddenly was his fault. But he seemed to bare the blame, because he turned away, seemingly ashamed of himself. Just as Green wanted to question his behaviour, Silver took her hands and announced:
„From now on I am living next to you! I'll move in with Blue.“

„W-what?“, Green cried out while looking at both of them sceptical. One of them grinned like a small child, the other smite his forehead, apparently rather unhappy about this development.
„Yes! Isn't that great? Now we can eat together in the evening, go to school together, go home together, do home work together...“
Lucky enough his flood of words was interrupted as Green’s bell began to shine and right away Silver jumped back alarmed; but he wasn't the reason the bell had started to shine.
„A demon is close.“ Everyone looked at Gary who had said that. Silver, apparently relieved that it wasn't him, was the first to be ready to fight, even though no one had asked him to join.
Oh yeah, time for some action!“, Silver said happily and was ready to get going, while Green used the short interruption to direct her attention towards Pink:
„Say, Pink, why doesn't the little bell react when Gary or Silver are around?“

Pink looked at her astonished. Seemingly the girl hadn't noticed and didn't know an answer. Green tired to help her out:
„Is it because they are Halfdemons?“
That really seemed to move something inside of Pink, because she answered:
„No, that can't have anything to do with it.“
„Then why?“
„Maybe...because you don't see them as your enemies?“
This made Green ponder and she turned her head towards the two brothers who were heavily discussing their procedure. She didn't see them as enemies? Had she subconsciously known the answer to her unsolvable question all along? Was that the reason why she hadn't killed Silver? Because she neither saw Gary nor Silver as enemies, but rather as...
„Come on, Green-chan. Demons don't wait!“ Silver interrupted not only her thoughts, but also her actions, because in no time at all he had raised her on his arms, ran not towards the door, but the balcony followed by Gary’s angry voice, opened the vitreous sliding door and jumped out - from the seventh floor.

The young Wächterin could feel her hair swirl in the wind and desperately she clasped Silver, pressed her eyes together and cursed as if that could save them from smashing on the asphalt.
She wasn't even able to think about her death when it was already over: Silver landed elegantly on the ground and let go of Green, whose legs were trembling and who was looking with an opened mouth at Silver, not able to say anything. The demon blinked his eyes at her and explained: „Demons can fly, Green-chan.“

„SILVER!“ Gary arrived next to the two of them; he had apparently taken the stairs as he was quite out of breath. He looked accusingly at his brother in a way only a big brother could look, while Silver looked like only a little brother who had just done something forbidden could look like.

„We are not in our world or in some kind of province! This is Tokyo, a metropolis with more than 8,400,000 inhabitants on an area just 600 km², in other words with a density of population of about 13,000! You just can't possibly believe that no human will notice when you fly during the middle of the day!“
Silver looked at Green, who was looking at him in return, both with a grin on their faces.
„Isn't he a goddamned stuffy old man?“, Silver asked and Green added:
„Not to forget: a horrible careerist!“ Both were giggling as they were like birds of a feather.
„How good that you are so agreeing on that“, Gary mentioned sourly before Pinks loud voice sounded of the balcony with ease:
„Green-chan! Wait, I'll come along!“
„No, Pink, no, stay up there! We'll manage on our own!“
„But Green-chan! Those two are demons, too. Are you sure, that...“
„Don't worry, Pink! You even can have the chocolate in the...“ And right away Pink wasn't seen anymore, probably hunting in the kitchen.

Green noticed quickly that this wouldn't be her last flight. The possibility to get up into the air again presented itself when they had localized the demon nearby – something Gary characterized as uncomforting, but neither Silver nor Green listened to his warning words. Silver was too excited, looking forward to fighting feverishly and already said after Gary’s second sentence that he was used to such warnings as his brother had the tendency to ruin his fun – one just shouldn't listen to him. Green, on the other hand, didn't listen to either of the brothers. The Wächterin was too fascinated by the meters between herself and the asphalt, as she once again lay in Silver’s arms while they were following the demon. They had already sighted it, but apparently it wasn't a brave one as he was fleeing as soon as Green had changed her bell into her staff.

Without listening to the protests of his new companions, Silver had taken over the command without further ado and started to pursuit the coward above Tokyo’s roofs. Gary didn't really like that. His objections quickly died away in the cool noon breeze, since Silver speeded away giving Green no time to enjoy the fact that she was flying in the air again. Due to this speediness they had closed in on the refugee and Silver didn't have in mind to care about Gary’s warning to wait with their attacks until they were out of reach of the city centre.

„Cowards should be punished!“ The redhead announced, and Green noticed that one hand let go of her body - something she didn't like because of the height of more than two hundred meter - to use the attack again which had already finished off the last demon. Green didn't see how the black lightening got the demon off the sky, but only heard the bang und noticed how she had ground under her feet again.

„So, Green-chan“, Silver said, while flattening Green’s skirt, not caring about their enemy that was getting up under a lot of pain.
„Now you'll see a professional at work!“
Before Green could answer, Gary was standing next to them and answered instead of her:
„Have your senses taken leave this time?!“ The big brother didn't get to much more outrage about the fighting area, which was one of the many skyscrapers of Tokyo. The third demon seemed to have something against it: He struck out with its claws to get one of the three teenagers, who jumped all into different directions. The same instance, in which Green noticed that their enemy had again picked just her as target, she recognized that the demon didn't only have extremely long extremities, but could also dissolve itself. His fist had hardly hit the concrete of the skyscraper and made the ground trembling, when it dissolved into wobbling black smoke. That seemed to raise his speed, because as soon as the fist had disappeared, it was ready to attack Green again, who had trouble avoiding it. That wasn't the only advantage. When Silver attacked again with his lightening, the demon dissolved when hit and materialized behind Green, who was only able to see a shadow before Gary pushed her brutally out of the line of shot.

Both landed on the ground, but a few meters away from the hole of the demon’s impact. Green was lying on the concrete ground, while Gary was close to falling on top of her. But none of the two noticed this inappropriate position: Gary instantly got up, while Green got back her staff since it had fallen out of her grip, whilst Gary yelled at Silver:
Please use your brain for a change!“

But Silver didn't listen. He was too occupied having fun. The good thing was that his fun distracted the demon, which had to suffer its impacts: Silver seemed to have figured out that there was no use on attacking the demon directly. Therefore he was having fun jumping around the demon like a too big rubber ball while skilfully avoiding the attacks of the enemy - not only by jumping around the demon, but also on top of it, achieving the demon to attack itself as Silver was too quick to get hit. In any way a benefit wasn't recognizable. Even though the demon attacked itself it didn’t help much, since the place where it hit simply dissolved again into the black substance. In any case, Silver clearly had a lot of fun.

„He really is very athletic“, Green stated.
„A damn nursery child he is!“ Gary cursed angrily and then turned to look at Green, who had both her hands around her staff and watched Silver’s show as if spellbound. When she noticed Gary’s gaze though, she averted her eyes and looked at him in return.
„We have to change the strategy, or respectively establish one“, Gary started determined and added instantly: „It is of no use if we attack him; the only attacks that are effective, are yours. During the last fight you didn't use the ‘Light Spirit’, so you should be able to conduct it without any problems. I assume that one attack will be enough, if you are able to land a direct hit. As long as Silver distracts him, it shouldn't be a problem.“

Green glanced at the bars of her staff, acknowledging that she had enough white magic to use the ‘Light Spirit’.
„Alright, that should be manageable“, Green answered with a confident smile and searched for an adequate place from which she could take a run-up to start her attack. In this moment she noticed something and turned around again:
„But I'll certainly hit Silver, too! It's impossible not to hit him, if he is jumping around like a rubber gum gone wild.“
„You take care of a place to attack from and I take care that he's not in the shooting line.“
„But, Gary! Look around you: We are on a skyscraper. The only ridge is the staircase and I can see from afar that I don't have enough start-up and I'll probably fall down because of the pressure of the attack. ‘Darklightning’ would be something different...“
„Well, change of plans then“, Gary said exhausted, but concentrated again right away, while Silver was still having fun behind them. The ground trembled quite a lot and Green was wondering nervously how long the building would still be standing and when the first human intruders would arrive; a tumbling building in the middle of Tokyo wouldn't be desirable...
„I have an idea“, Gary said and looked at Green while she was returning the serious look questioning.
„But it’s risky and you have to trust me.“
„I have to... trust you?“ Green said the last words as if they were foreign to her. Maybe because they really were; maybe the ability to trust was indeed unfamiliar to her.

She had never trusted anyone... she had always only put trust in herself and her own abilities. And now Gary of all people demanded that she should trust him? He of all people, whose guts she had hated for the most part of their relationship? Him of all people she should trust in such a dangerous situation? But maybe it was because it was such a situation. Maybe because everything had changed: her life had changed, she had changed. Maybe it was time to change her principals to adapt them to the new situation?

„Green, it's urgent.“
Gary’s voice wrenched her from her thoughts. Green looked up and met his dark green eyes, and without re-thinking she said:
„Okay! Let's get it on!“
„Fine“, Gary answered, who didn't know which honour was granted him. He couldn't know that he was the first person Green trusted and of what importance that was.
„Then give me your hand.“
As soon as he had said that, he had put forth his hand. For a moment Green was looking at it silently while it was cracking and thundering behind them.

„Short explanation, since we don't have a lot of time: I'll fly up with you and let go of you in about 35 meters; you'll then use your ‘Light Spirit’ and I'll take care of Silver being out of reach.“
As soon as Green had nodded, he took her hand, had pulled her towards himself and taken her into her arms as if she wouldn't weight anything. When they were getting up into the cold noon air, she became pale:
“’ll let go of me?!”, she repeated stunned, because she couldn't believe that her first time trusting was misused for something like that.
„Trust me.“
You’ll let go of me?! You didn't say that the trust ends up deadly!“
„If you doubt my actions, it's not called trust, Green“, Gary answered factually to Green’s slightly panicking tone, just adding that she should get ready as they had reached the adequate height. The young Wächterin starred disbelieving at him. It was obvious that she was agonizing and wanted to object. Instead she answered snippy:
„I warn you. If I die here, I'll haunt you down out of the death realm!“

With those words Green activated the bars of her staff and in the same instance it started to glow, Gary let go of Green. Her first intuition was to cry out panic, but she resisted the temptation and unleashed her attack:
Right away a second sun appeared for a short moment and its light bumped strikingly against the demon, but before that happened, Green could half hear how Gary yelled something and hardly half a second later her fall came to an end.
„Well done, Green-chan!“
Astonished the girl opened her eyes and found herself in Silver’s arms again, who had caught her just before the threatening crash, and was now grinning happily while he put her down. As soon as her feet were back on the ground, they sagged and she sank onto the concrete, but regained her strength when Gary came to join the two of them.

„You reckoned that he would catch me? What if he had looked away just in that moment?“
Gary rejected the accusation instantly:
„No matter how unreliable Silver is, I know that I can trust him.“ The redhead laughed about this remark and thumped his brother into the right shoulder.
„The two of us are a good team, Aniki!“
„We are an effective team - whether we are a good one is a different question.“
Silver’s smile disappeared at once:
„What is that supposed to mean?“
„I’ll just remind you of the mission in Egypt, then you know what I mean.“
„Why do you always have to quarrel about stale news!“
You wanted further explanation.“
„That wasn't my fault. It’s still not! The problem was...“

While the two brothers were slowly but surely starting to fight, Green stayed cowering on the ground and didn't care that her school uniform was again strongly affected. She didn't really listen to the quarrelling brothers. She was exhausted. Not really because of the fight, rather because of her new way of life. Exhausted, but at the same time with a nappy feeling of delight, no, it was almost more than pure joy. This happiness wasn't because of her survival or that of her new friends, but because she was proud that she had trusted someone for the first time in her life and didn't have to regret it. Somehow this thought was foolish, after all all people trusted more or less, but for Green it was a reason to be proud.

Just as she wanted to get up, she saw a hand in front of her face and noticed that it belonged to Silver.
„Come on, I’ll help you“, he said with a friendly smile, but Green declined, not gruff or angrily, but with a small grin.
„I can get up myself.“ With those words she actually got up and sensed his look on her; a look she couldn't quite understand. It was a content look as if something had been confirmed, what apparently made him happy.
„I forgot to tell you earlier why I changed my mind“, he suddenly said on the roof top of the skyscraper, which definitely needed a renovation now.
„I was mistaken. You are strong, Green-chan.“

Green blushed a little bit because of this compliment and was relieved that she was dirty so he couldn't see the colouring.
That's why I am in love with you. You are the first girl that has left a permanent impression and you'll also be the first I'll fight for. And trust me, Green-chan, I am very persistent.“
She sighed, not really unnerved, but rather flattered:
„It's not worth trying to talk you out of it?“
Silver shook his head; as Green noticed, he was at least as dirty as she was.
„I don't love you, but...“, Green said and breathed in deeply knowing that it was too rash, but not being able to restrain herself:
„I would rather call you 'Sibi' again.“
Surprised he looked at her, but the astonishment didn't last long and so his lips formed a smile at first which then turned into a joyful grin:
„It would be a pleasure!“